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Spotted Giraffe Cosmetics

Brighten Bar

Brighten Bar

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Tumeric+Citrus+Neem Bar

A cold pressed soap assists in the aide of

brightenting,dark spots, hyperpigmentation of the skin, citris peels(lemon,orange,grapefruit), dried tumeric, raw cocoa butter,neem oil, lemon oil , neem leaf,  ,Avocado oil or Coconut oil


Suggestion if using to treat dark areas , Marks or scarring : using This Bar combined with Cmoss Mask , Vit-C Scrub, or Roses and Cacao Scrub followed by Healing ButtA 

********Note: Color of Soap May Vary or Darken due to Curing of soap and natural Ingredients

***Suggestion for faster results* Use soap and exfoliating soap or loose scrub simultaneously (follow directions for exfoliating products)  *End skin routine with Healing ButtA to calm and speed up results of any irritations, redness or anything on the face and body that may need healing 

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